Are all-white weddings worth the hassle?

With this year’s Royal Wedding increasingly influencing brides’ choices, some wedding planners have asked: are all-white weddings really worth the hassle?

Some say yes to wearing a white dress, dressing the bridesmaids in white, having all the wedding reception venue decorations in white and even serving up white drinks. Some aren’t so sure, according to

It can leave “room for error”, according to fashion designer Amsale Aberra. It can leave the bride unidentifiable amongst the sea of brilliant white. However she did admit if done well, it can be “very beautiful.”

Her enthusiasm was shared by Martha Stewart Weddings’ editorial director, Darcy Miller. She claimed it’s a “very striking” look and one that has definitely been spark by the Royal Wedding, adding: “The classic look of an all-white wedding is thought of as very traditional.

“But the clean, sophisticated palette can easily be transformed for modern venues so it is suitable for all types of brides.”

This may be all very well, Aberra added, but it has to be done intelligently in order to work. She told the Washington Post that brides should stick with natural whites rather than pearlescent or metallic. Furthermore, adding in just a touch of colour contrast can really make an all-white wedding venue pop.