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Army should provide event security, advises report

Members of the army should be contracted to oversee security at major events in the future, claims a report which investigated the problems with Olympic security. reports that the Home Affairs Committee found security firm G4S was solely responsible for the Olympic Security debacle and that the armed forces should be considered as a security provider at major event venues in the future.

Poor communication between G4S and Locog meant senior management had ‘no idea how badly wrong their operation was going until it was too late to retrieve it”.

The report also suggests that G4S should waive its £57 million management fee as a ‘sorry’ to the taxpayer, as well as compensating staff who were unable to work at the Olympics – something the firm has admitted it will be doing.

Chair of the Home Affairs Committee Keith Vaz slammed the firm in a statement to “The largest security company in the world, providing a contract to its biggest UK clients, turned years of carefully laid preparations into an eleventh hour fiasco.

“Their decision not to bid for Rio 2016 is the right one. The government should learn lessons from this experience and establish a register of high-risk companies that have failed in the delivery of public services,” he added.