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Average man marries at age 33; women at 30

Most couples will get married when they’re each in their early thirties, new research has suggested.

Figures recorded by theweddingsecret.co.uk found that most people waited until they were in their thirties before tying the knot, as couples wait until later in life before taking the plunge.

It found that the average age of men at the time of their wedding was 33.2, whereas women wed slightly earlier, reaching an average of 30.9 years of age.

This is a huge turnaround from 1968, which recorded some of the lowest ages for married couples in the last century. Back then, men would typically marry at the age of 23.8, whilst women would do so at just 21.7. One thing that remained constant throughout, however, was that men were typically older than women when it came to getting married.

There has also been a change in the way people live before getting married, as 83 per cent of those tying the knot in 2013 were found to have already lived together before the ceremony took place.

Whilst marriage may not be revered in such a way as it was many years ago, The Wedding Secret found it was still most popular. When looking at all the individuals in Great Britain who are older than 16, it was found that over half (51 per cent) were indeed married. Conversely, just 24 per cent were single and 11 per cent lived with their partner but were not wed.

Widows and divorcees amounted to six per cent each, whilst the remaining two per cent were deemed to be separated, carmenweddings.co.uk reports.