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Average wedding costs over £18,000

British couples will typically spend £18,244 tying the knot and a further £3,582 on their honeymoon, telegraph.co.uk reports.

New research by insurance firm Sheila’s Wheels found that the average wedding ceremony will today set couples back over £18,000 once every part has been added up.

This total is made up of £2,770 going toward the catering (which includes the wedding breakfast, evening food and drinks) as well as £728 on the cakes, flowers and other decorations. Couples laying on entertainment, meanwhile, will typically end up spending £682 on a band or DJ, as well as photograph booths and other attractions.

The wedding reception venue itself will set couples back an average of £2,164, whilst the photographer can demand prices in the region of £876. For rings – both wedding and engagement – the typical outlay is £1,856, whilst just under that – £1,098 – is the dress, dailymail.co.uk reports. The groom’s outfit is typically much cheaper, however, as £674 will cover not only his but all the groomsmen as well. Bridesmaids, on the other hand, will need an average budget of £582 to cover their shoes, dresses, make-up, hair and accessories.

When asked with their reasons for scaling-up their wedding budget, 33 per cent put it down to increasing guest-lists, whilst 18 per cent said it was because they wanted to keep up with the Joneses.