Average wedding guest splashes £440 to be in attendance

It might be up to the bride and groom to provide the food, venue and entertainment, but a new research that wedding guests also spend a fair amount in attending and enjoying their friends’ special days.

According to a new study from fashion brand Kaleidoscope, cited by dailymail.co.uk, the average Brit splashes £440 on every wedding they attend. Most of this cost goes towards paying for travel, accommodation, new clothes and partying at the wedding reception venue.

Other findings show this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to annual spend, as most Brits attend five weddings every year. This would set them back £2,180 if they stuck to the same budget each time around.

Rather unsurprisingly, women said getting their outfit sorted was the most important part of their preparation. Hellomagazine.com claims the average cost of acquiring the perfect piece was even higher than the amount spent on accommodation.

There was however plenty of evidence to suggest that wedding guests have their priorities right. Accommodation placed second when it came to costs, with 61 per cent of the whole study group spending out over £150 to ensure they got a good sleep on the night of the celebration.

Meanwhile over half of the guests said they parted with £100 to buy a present for the happy couple, with only 44 per cent spending more than £50 on alcohol during the big day.

Helen North, head of marketing for Kaleidoscope, said: “It’s wonderful to see from our survey that despite the current economic climate, it is still important for British men and women to celebrate weddings in style.”