Avoid being too salacious at office Christmas parties

While everybody wants to have a good time at office Christmas parties, revellers have been urged not to be too risqué.

Bray People offered a few suggestions of how to keep up appearances at corporate Xmas parties, with the emphasis being heavily on caution and sophistication rather than festive merriment.

The news provider urged against spend all night on the phone, gossiping about colleagues and making inappropriate jokes, since these could cause people to take offence.

It is common for drinks to flow freely at Christmas events, but partygoers were warned not to get too drunk as their tomfoolery might not be so happily remembered the next day.

But the website noted that this is no reason to be a “scrooge” at the bar, saying: “Try to avoid being tight with your money; show your generous side and buy a round at the bar. You might not get all the drinks back you are owed but your colleagues will certainly remember your generosity.”

A survey appearing in hrmagazine.co.uk offered an indication of how people’s generous nature is drawn out at festive occasions, with the report revealing that eight per cent of workers would be willing to help fund their office’s Christmas party if their employers could not afford to organise it.

In addition to this, the One Poll study found that a further nine per cent of staff in this situation intend to take it upon themselves to organise an unofficial celebration for their team, despite a lack of company backing.