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Avoid 'cross-chatter' when scheduling multiple meetings, advises expert

When booking multiple meetings in a single day, meeting leaders need to ensure they overcome the challenge of shifting ‘topics, verbiage, and focus’ from one client to the next.

That’s according to meetings expert Jeremy Raelin, writing for business2community.com, who has outlined a number of tips for meeting leaders looking to ‘blend’ into any client engagement.

If meeting leaders have booked back-to-back meetings in a conference space, they should always take a break at the end of each session. This can come in the form of a toilet break or five minutes to grab a glass of water.

“Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to end meetings 5-10 minutes earlier (end a meeting at 10.55am rather than 11.00am) since it is often easier to end a meeting at an unconventional time than it is to start one at an unconventional time,” added Raelin.

If back-to-back meetings have been booked, take diligent notes on each one and save the drafts until there is time to ‘review, finalise and disseminate’ to the team, he suggests.

In addition, meeting leaders should introduce attendees and detail the subject of the meeting.

“Introducing all attendees not only sets the stage for the expected level of discussion and decision making expected, but it also buys the Facilitator time to adjust to a different client,” he concluded, cited by csgi.com.