Bad weather doesn't have to ruin wedding photographs, says expert

A wedding photographer has claimed that couples should prepare for all weather conditions when it comes to their big day.

Shropshire-based photographer Sean Fairall, of Emotion Studios says that brides and grooms-to-be don’t need to worry about unfavourable weather conditions if they put the right measures in place. In fact, the photographer says it can even add a fun element today.

Talking about this, he told “…bad weather isn’t always a terrible thing. If prepared for, it can be a great way to personalise your wedding. Funky umbrellas or old wellington boots can be great accessories for your photographs.”

As well as planning for the weather when it comes to wedding images, Mr Fairall also said that couples need to make sure that they get along well with the photographer taking them, due to the large amount of time they will spend with them.

Making sure that the photographer personalises wedding photos to each couples preference is also very important these days, according to an article posted on this week. Writer of the post, Hollie Slade, says that couples who are getting married are now looking for weddings snaps that are tailored to themselves and their vision, rather than traditional, predictable images.