Bands choosing more intimate event venues

It seems bands are increasingly finding smaller venues to provide a more intimate setting for their fans, after the Foo Fighters played a secret show to just 500 in London this week.

Just one night after playing to a sell-out 12,500-strong crowd, the group played for nearly three hours under the name ‘White Limo’, The Guardian reported.

Frontman Dave Grohl, winner of this year’s NME ‘Godlike Genius’ award, said: “There’s something about doing clubs and sneaky little gigs that’s really exciting. Because you feel like you can be loose and it’s so intimate that you don’t have to become this ‘thing’ and fill up the room.”

The Grammy award-winning rock band is normally used to playing sell-out festivals across the world, something it’s become accustomed to over its 17-year career. The rockers are due to release their seventh album later this year.

The band’s appearance follows a new wave of ‘guerrilla-gigs’, organised at the last minute, and promoted through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Katy Perry have all organised similar surprise gigs within the past year.

MTV reported that Grohl warned the fans before the show: “This is something different. We’re gonna be here a long time, so get comfortable.”