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Beauty regimes should be prepared before the big day

A new article posted this week has claimed that brides-to-be should make sure they prepare their beauty regime before their big day.   

For example, the blogpost, published on, states that if brides are planning to get their hair dyed, then they shouldn’t leave it too close to the day, as it could leave “unsightly hair dye stains”. Getting hair dyed as early as possible will also make sure any errors can be rectified before the big day if anything is to go wrong.

Eyebrow routines should also be prepared ahead of the wedding day too, according to blog. It reads: “If you suffer from unruly eyebrows, there is a lot you can do to ensure they look picture perfect. Have plenty of trial runs before your wedding to see if it’s tweezing, waxing or threading that works best for you to tame your brows.” 

It continues: “On the day, make use of a brow kit to ensure they look preened to perfection and you have the best shape to frame your face.”  

Meanwhile, when it comes to the wedding look, another article published this week has given tips for those trying to create a vintage-style look. 

For this, the piece suggested things such as an understated crystal headpiece and long-sleeved lace gowns.