"Best prepared" businesses will harness Olympic revenues

Only the “best prepared and most agile” businesses will reap the full financial benefits the London Olympics promises to bring.

Those are the words of Heather Hancock, lead London 2012 partner at Deloitte, who made the claim following the release of a new survey. It detailed how firms are coping with their Olympic preparations.

Deloitte’s survey found that staffing, security and transport still remain a top concern for the majority of employers; two-thirds of which were from London.

One of the biggest fears about staff is that many workers will choose take leave during the games. However, of the 200 companies surveyed, many said that they would introduce staff incentives to keep employees on board during the Games.

Such incentives included reviewing holiday policies (with 43 per cent of employers), discussing flexible working patterns (33 per cent) and half said they would even bring in television screens to watch the Games on.

In a year which should bring great things to many London businesses, from event venues to hoteliers, Ms Hancock said that its vital these institutions continue take preparations seriously.

“A well-prepared ‘UK PLC’ is a vital part of the success of this summer and it is encouraging to see so many companies taking the Games seriously,” Ms Hancock said in a statement cited by Reuters.

“Whilst the precise economic impact of the Games remains a topic of much debate, what is certain is that the best-prepared and most agile businesses will grab the biggest share of the upside.”