Best wedding photos outlined

Wedding guests have been advised on the “must have” photographs they should take when friends or family tie the knot.

Information portal has detailed the most iconic shots to best document a wedding, including some classic images which no ceremony or reception should be without.

During the ceremony itself, the moment a couple exchanges their vows is offered as one of the best as it will often capture the most tender moment as they look into one another’s eyes. Likewise, just afterward, the first kiss as husband and wife is not only incredibly romantic but often shows a real relief that the most difficult part is over.

A last shot as the newlyweds walk up the aisle is also given as one “not to miss”.

Once the ceremony has come to an end, the photographs turn decidedly more lighthearted, such as the iconic image of the couple stood outside the venue walking through a flurry of confetti. Around this, “action shots” of the couple celebrating with friends and family also show a true and natural side to proceedings.

At the wedding reception venue, guests who can find their way into the hall before everyone else takes their seats can capture a stillness which also shows the hard work gone into the decor by organisers. Likewise, it can also be the location for great shots of the groom, best man and father of the bride as they stand to give their speeches.

Lastly, the dance floor provides great opportunities for fun photographs, explains, as it offers the most natural and improvised images of the entire night. It also allows the bride and groom a chance to see afterward what was going on, as they have no doubt been busy for much of the evening speaking to those in attendance.