Beverage-flavoured products becoming new food trend

It has been claimed that beverage-infused food products are becoming a hot new trend for this year.

Writer Karl Utermohlen talked about the trend in an article for this week. He claimed popular drinks such as wine and coffee were increasingly being used in different foods.   

Discussing the new trend further, he wrote: “There many popular dessert items such as… coffee cupcakes that use coffee to spice things up. However, there are also plenty of salty foods such as Campbell’s roasted chicken and chardonnay slow kettle soup that use wine and other beverages to add some sophistication to your meal.”

As well as this trend, Mr Utermohlen also discussed other food fashions which are currently on the rise. These included Brazilian food, which is set to soar in popularity thanks to the World Cup being held in the country this year. “Sophisticated” sweets and different types of burgers are also set to capture attention this year, according to Utermohlen.

Another expert has also claimed that a number of healthy food trends are on the rise currently. Malerie Yolen-Cohen was writing for this week after attending the International Restaurant and Food Show in New York. She listed a number of food trends which stood out for her at the show, which were all involved using natural products or promoting health.

These included raw juices, natural ice creams, and wholesome jams with little ingredients. The writer also claimed that baked goods were going gluten-free.