BHA chief proud of hospitality showing during Games

Whilst reflecting on a hugely successful Olympic period for London businesses, the British Hospitality Association’s (BHA) chief executive praised the work of UK pubs, restaurants and event spaces during the Games.

Ufi Ibrahim stated that the efforts of hospitality businesses in particular ensured that the UK came out of the Olympics with its reputation intact, before calling on those that saw growth to push on past 2012.

“Britain’s hospitality industry has done itself proud and the Olympic Games have shown off Britain as a feel-good destination that will leave a lasting legacy for the UK economy,” she told

London 2012 may have put the limelight firmly on UK companies – subsequently influencing growth in numerous sectors – but it’s now up to the businesses of Britain to build off their initial success and ensure that Olympics delivers a sustainable legacy.

Commenting on the steps that need to be taken after the Games, Ms Ibrahim said: “We must now harness this success and the worldwide visibility that the Games have given us to spread the message that the UK is very much open for business and has a fabulous welcome to offer everyone this year and the future.”       

Cited by, Ms Ibrahim went on to urge the government to support UK hotels, venues and pubs whilst they aim to provide work for young people and expand on their offerings.  

Her positive comments follow those of IOC (International Olympic Committee) president Jacques Rogge, who paid homage to the 2.4 million people who ply their trade in hospitality by saying they shown the world “the best” of what Britain can offer.