BHA seeks answers over new licensing regulations

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has confirmed it is seeking further clarification over two new draft regulations that could change the face of the hospitality industry. reports on the issue which concerns two incoming regulations. One is ‘Early Morning Restriction Orders’ (EMROs), which could see local authorities restrict hotels, restaurants, function rooms or event venues, from serving alcohol in certain areas after midnight.

The other meanwhile is the ‘Late Night Levy’, which would allow local authorities to levy and extra charge on venues that want to serve alcohol after midnight. This is to pay for potential policing costs.

Martin Couchman, BHA’s deputy chief executive, explained that the BHA has sent a “strongly worded” letter to the Home Office over the issue.

He said: “We have had many hours of discussion on the introduction of EMROs and the Late Night Levy with Home Office officials and it is disappointing that issues that were discussed at our meetings have largely been ignored in the final draft regulations.

“We are urging the minister to clarify the regulations so that there is a clear national framework that everybody can understand.”

According to, the letter is co-signed by the Beer and Pub Association, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, and Business in Sport and Leisure.