Bing Events aims to inspire party choices

More than 10,000 venues in the UK are covered by the new Bing Events tool released by the Microsoft search engine, with the aim of inspiring people’s party decisions.

Anyone can use it to find out what is going on in towns and cities across the country every week, according to The Drum, which noted that information such as parking options, directions and phone numbers will be listed for the event spaces in question.

The social planning tool can be accessed by searching for a place name or artist followed by the word ‘events’, then clicking on the ‘events’ tab.

A representative from Microsoft wrote on the Bing UK blog: “This is the first time a major search engine has provided a fully comprehensive events listing with all the details needed to ensure a fun night out.”

Among the 90,000 events covered by the facility are festivals, concerts, family occasions and theatre shows, with the company claiming it will help people to plan their evenings better.

The Telegraph pointed out that the release of Bing Events looks to be an attempt to challenge the dominance of search engine leader Google, which continues to enjoy the vast majority of the market in the UK.

It revealed that more than 2,450 locations across the country will be listed by the tool, allowing people to refer to the listings guide if they are not sure where to go on a night out.