Birmingham-London rail link could benefit capital’s event venues

The proposed plans to create a high-speed rail link between Birmingham and London could prove to be positive news for those operating event spaces in the capital.

If implemented, the line would allow those in Birmingham to arrive in London in under an hour, perhaps prompting more people to buy tickets for events happening in the city.

The plans have been met with mixed reviews, however the Financial Times has reported that 69 prominent business-people were due to give their backing on Wednesday. Their view was that the link could bring a much-needed boost to Britain’s economy.

“Britain cannot afford not to invest in its future,” said the transport secretary, Phillip Hammond.

“All other major economies are pressing ahead with ambitious high speed rail plans – we cannot allow Britain to be left behind,” he added in The Guardian.

It is thought compensation will be offered to those allegedly affected by the link, should its development go ahead. Many have complained as they believe it will add to noise pollution, and also destroy some as yet untouched countryside.

Complainants have also suggested their everyday lives will be affected by the vibration caused by the rail line, and around 400 families will actually be forced to move home in order for the line’s erection to take place.

Hammond confirmed these families will definitely be compensated.