Blairs charge for son's birthday party

Tony and Cherie Blair have “ruffled feathers” by attempting to charge for entry in their son Leo’s eleventh birthday party, has confirmed.

Whilst many families hire function venues for their child’s party, offering up food and entertainment for free, the Blairs have taken a different approach.

According to the Mail Online, the Blairs have decided to charge attendees of Leo’s birthday party £10 each. This is supposedly to help pay for a coach that will transport party-goers from their school in London to the Blairs’ house in Buckinghamshire.

Parents allegedly have no choice but to pay, as the former leader of the UK has “banned” parents fro driving their own cars to the party – for “security reasons.”

This doesn’t mean they aren’t outraged, however, with one parent, dustman Kevin Norbury, claiming: “I think he’s tight charging these people, given the amount of money he’s got. He has made millions.

“The school has a mixture of children from working-class and middle-class families whose parents have different incomes and different priorities.”

However the Blairs have refuted claims they are being unfair, with a representative stating: “The Blairs have agreed with the headmaster that if any family can’t afford the cost of the coach, then they won’t have to pay.”