Bold colour choices key to trendy 2013 weddings

Brave colour choices will be a hot wedding trend in 2013, it has been predicted.

AOL fashion blogger Caroline Cassidy has noted that more brides are choosing to move away from the traditional whites when it comes to choosing their dress, cake and bouquet.

Cassidy claimed that al fresco weddings would prove to be more popular this year, as would quirky, eccentric parties at the couple’s wedding reception venue.

In an article for, she also predicted that brides will choose to be bolder with their make-up choices, incorporating peacock purples, blues and greens into their style.

She’s not the only one to have made this forecast either. In a column for, self-proclaimed ‘eventista’ Brittany Craig agreed that 2013 would be the year of colourful weddings.

She said: “Colour gives even the most traditional affair an added punch. Bridesmaids’ dresses are bright and festive. We are still seeing a trend toward variable design in each maid’s attire from gradual shades of ombre dresses to the same fabric in countless styles.

“The bride’s bouquet has strayed from all white and now includes a multitude of hues and colours – but probably the most noticeable colour change this year is the blush-coloured wedding gown.”

The trend will certainly give engaged couples the chance to experiment with unique ceremonies in 2013.