Book the Christmas party early, claims expert

One of the keys to any successful Christmas party is early planning according to expert planner Emma Eversham, writing for

She claims the events team at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) start planning for Christmas in February, but this is one of the earlier start times.

Nonetheless, it does help to draw up a plan as soon as possible, she writes, as it will allow a firm to consider what they want to offer and how they can budget for the party – ranging from a turkey dinner with all the trimmings to a swanky corporate Christmas party venue. Further to that, also suggests cementing a dress code, so attendees can dress appropriately.

On the other side of the booking form, venues themselves need to make sure Christmas plans are shared with everyone across the business, so they can brief clients about services they are offering.

She cites marketing manager Maria Langshaw with regards to company-wide communication: “Brief your staff who will be talking to potential clients on the phone so that they understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and give them an idea of how flexible they can be on variations to menus and timings.”

Also, venues should make sure a few Christmas shandys don’t spoil the party.

“Two things that make Christmas events harder are guests drinking too much and later closing times,” she added. “Being firm about closing times and communicating these from the outset is the only fair way to treat your staff – Christmas can be a long haul otherwise.”