Book your wedding venue early, says expert

Booking a wedding venue and Central London wedding reception venue early is the best way to secure your dream location.

That’s according to Jessica Kontny, a wedding planning expert, who believe that wedding venues get booked fast – with some hopefuls booking up to two and a half years early to secure their day down the aisle.

“Wedding venues fill up fast, particularly for prime dates in April, May, June and July,” she told Green Bay Press Gazette. “The earlier you begin planning, the greater the likelihood you will be able to book the perfect venue for you and your guests.”

In addition, Kontny suggests that being frugal with cash for the wedding is not a good idea, but neither is going horrifically over-the-top with a budget.

She explained: “It is important to come up with a budget, as this will have a great influence on the number of guests you can afford to have.”

“Every wedding is unique and special. It is always a good idea to set a budget, but also be a little flexible. This is your day to shine and you want to create memories that last forever,” she added.

Current budgets should also include an after party following the wedding reception, claims Huffington Post, with the after-party becoming “a growing trend in the wedding industry”.