Boris Johnson calls for more investment in London transport

London mayor Boris Johnson says the city demands fresh investment for its transport system, arguing that a cut in funding could prove “fatal” to its competitiveness.

Cited by, he claimed the capital’s transport providers are already “over-stretched” without considering what will happen as its population continues to grow. Reports suggest the number of people living in London will reach 8.7 million in 2016, an all-time high.

Furthermore, this concern is focused on London’s growing number of permanent residents. The Mayor’s comments fail to factor in the crowds of business travellers, such as those attending conference centres around the capital.  

As reported by, the issue has been detailed in Mr Johnson’s 2020 Vision for London, an 80-page document which also sets out new growth areas for the city.

Concentrating on improvements for local transport, the Mayor said: “The tube, bus and rail networks are already operating at capacity.

“On some lines, in the peaks, we are in danger of breaching EU regulations for the carriage of live animals,” he added, urging those in government not to “slacken off” with their plans for Crossrail.

The new high frequency rail service for London and the South West is set to inject £42 billion into the UK economy, and Mr Johnson said cabinet members should view this as the secret to creating jobs and growth.