Bosses should consider giving staff lie ins after party

The police have warned businesses throwing Christmas parties in London that they shouldn’t make employees come into work early the following day.

As reported by This is Staffordshire, police have advised managers and bosses to think about how alcohol consumption will affect staff, and consider letting staff come into work later – or providing transport – to ensure they aren’t accidentally drink driving.

“If you’re a manager do you expect your staff to come in for 8am or 9am the day after the office Christmas party?” asked inspector Mark Gammage. “If they have been drinking the night before, they may still be over the limit the next day, particularly if alcohol was free.”

“This is an ideal opportunity for businesses whose staff accrue lieu time to let workers take a few hours back and come into the office a bit later than usual the next day,” he added. “If they are driving to work feeling hungover then it is likely they are over the limit and it means that they are not only putting their life at risk, but also the lives of other road users.”

He suggested that bosses lay on transport if they don’t want staff to have a lie in, or even putting them up in a nearby hotel, to ensure this doesn’t happen. “This is an appeal for businesses to be flexible as well as individuals to be personally responsible for their actions,” said inspector Gammage. “It’s about having a fun Christmas, but ultimately a safe one.”