Brand embassadors can promote events through technology, panel says

Technology can help promote corporate or promotional events by using attendees as brand ambassadors, hospitality experts have claimed.

Using new and emerging technologies, delegates at this year’s Summer Eventia were told that an audience has the power to spread word of upcoming attractions for very little time and effort, reports

“From the brand’s perspective, it is about using your audience as your brand ambassadors,” said panelist Laura Moody, managing director of brand engagement and technology firm Blondefish. “For every post on Facebook, if it is reaching 400 other people, it is very powerful.”

Augmented reality, QR codes, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and other means of content sharing, like social networks, are said to be one of the best ways event venues can use technology to promote an event.

However, other technologies, such as mobile applications, can also be successful at communicating with an audience – providing they offer value to their audience.

Peter Donnelly of event management software company, Active Network, told members at the Learning Lounge session that event organisers shouldn’t build an app “just because you believe you need to have one” for example.

Donnelly revealed on that a massive 25 per cent of apps are deleted after being downloaded because they aren’t easy to use, engaging or meet the user’s needs.

“The first question to ask your client is what is your objective for this event, this activity? Then we can understand what technology will help deliver that,” he said.