Brewers of Europe outlines progress in road safety through meeting with EU Health Commissioner

The Brewers of Europe, also known as voice of the European brewing sector, has highlighted the measures that its thousands of members have taken in tackling drink driving through a meeting with EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg.

Demetrio Carceller, President of the trade association, used the discussion to highlight the impact that its ‘Sober Mobility Across Road Transport’ (SMART) partnership with the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) will have on bringing down the number of drink-related car accidents.

According to, SMART will supply vital pieces of advice for its 4000 breweries to follow through guidelines, best practice, dialogue at national level and national events.

The association believe this will provide an “ideal way” of building on decades of progress already made by the industry in clamping down on drink driving.

Cited by, Mr Carceller went on to present a progress report on the ‘European Beer Pledge’, created in 2012, which outlined the progress made by association members in delivering more information to consumers and ramping up advertising which promoted drinking responsibly.    

In words for the wider sector, possibly including event venues and breweries that have yet to pledge their support for the association’s mission, ETSC director of projects Graziella Jost said: “We acknowledge that alcohol is a major risk factor on the roads and we need cooperation from across the range of public and private stakeholder to further our commitment to tackle drink driving.”

However, Mr Jost added that the association might struggle to reach its targets without support from other sectors and industries, claiming that collaboration with the road safety community and medical community among others would be of the utmost importance.