Bridal community site reveals five wedding traditions worth breaking has listed five wedding traditions that married couples-to-be might feel like breaking in order to put their own unique stamp on proceedings.

The Bridal community site is very much under the impression that change is healthy in this area and used its latest post at to list list ways that couples could switch up their own ceremonies.  

While some couples could try venturing out of their locality when choosing their event spaces for the all important reception, the site first explained that brides were welcome to sport whatever they liked on their big day.

“Don’t wear your grandmother’s pearl necklace just because you feel you should,” the site argued. “The only tradition worth here is the ‘something new’ part – what’s not to love about shopping?”

Furthermore, not only should brides stray away from the norm with their accessories, they should choose whatever shade they wish for their dress. Numerous celebrities have ditched the white dress in favour of something that matches their style and brides should feel free to do the same, explained Get Wed.

The article also claimed that saying goodbye the night before the wedding and sleeping apart might by the the reason why couples feel so nervous on the day. Due to this, Get Wed argued against the tradition of the “pre-wedding farewell”.

Other traditions worth breaking included the first dance, where new brides were told to enjoy twisting and twirling with their friends to avoid the spotlight treatment. Finally, Get Wed said it was time for the traditional cake to be replaced by wedding features they truly want, rather than on a dessert that’s likely to sit on the side.