Bride says three months is plenty to plan a wedding

A bride has reassured other women that three months is more than enough time to plan a wedding and said she was not even stressed out by the preparations.

Speaking to the regional newspaper The News, Michelle Wright explained that she had been engaged to her husband for two years, but the pair only decided 13 weeks beforehand that they wanted to tie the knot in October.

While many people like to consider a range of venues for hire for their wedding, Ms Wright (née Richards), knew exactly where she wanted to get married and was lucky enough to have sunshine on the autumn day.

“It was really special. The service was lovely and the weather was fantastic. It was a bit of a blur for me because I was so nervous but it was really nice and it was great that everyone could be involved,” she remarked.

For many, a key part of wedding preparation is getting in shape so they look their best on the big day, but that has not been a particularly pressing issue for one other soon-to-be bride, according to Grazia.

Victoria Pendleton, a British Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist, will reportedly not even think about this type of “wedmin” until after the London 2012 Games. However, she has admitted she is trying to look after her skin with certain serums.

She announced her engagement in February, but will not tie the knot until after the sporting showcase.