Bride spent £20,000 on wedding dresses

A bride has spent a total of £20,000 on wedding dress alone, after finding herself unable to choose between 18 different gowns.

Helene Manca told The Daily Mail: “Every time I tried a dress on, I just had to have it. But as soon as I took it home and compared it to the other dresses I had already bought, I couldn’t bear to choose.”

Eventually Manca came to her sense and took back nine of the dress, leaving her with the same amount to change into through her wedding day. Although the final cost for her wedding has not been revealed, a combination of the reception venue, flowers, food and champagne- which reportedly cost £10,000 alone, may have mounted to a rather large figure.

“By the end, I knew that 18 was too many and I wouldn’t have time to wear them all, so I thought about the different stages of the wedding and decided nine was perfect,” Manca added.

The most expensive of her dress was a designer gown, costing around £5,500 which the bride wore for her first dance with her husband, who she claimed “knows what I’m like – I’m excessive about everything,” in The News of the World.

Manca’s husband supported his bride’s decision, claiming: “Lots of people might think Helene is a little crazy for wearing so many dresses, but I love how she is so unique in life.”

Luckily for Manca, it seems her decision to invest in the dresses only endeared her to him more; and as she plans to wear another 10 dresses when they renew their vows next year, hopefully he will remain as enthusiastic in the future.