Brides increasing their hen do budgets

Brides-to-be are spending more and more on their pre-wedding celebrations, according to bridal expert, Jade Beer.

Writing for the Mail Online, Beer claimed that budgets for hen do events are increasing to upwards of £1,000 per head; with ladies opting for more sophisticated offerings over the traditional knees-up.

Beer suggested: “Even women on a comparatively modest budget are opting for chic European city breaks in designer hotels, over latex outfits and cheap booze at the seaside.

“They want a slice of the glamour too, and will make sure there is room in the wedding budget to accommodate that.”

This ever-increasing trend may see more hens hire out entire function venues for their big night, spending thousands on their friends to ensure a night to remember. This was confirmed by Alex Packenham, a luxury lifestyle specialist, who said ladies are now looking for “no-expense-spared experiences” that are “lavish” and “elaborate.”

Packenham added: “Budgets can run into the hundreds of thousands, especially when you include the bridesmaids’ gifts.”

Some have speculated that this rising trend is in part thanks to so-called ‘party girls’ like supermodel Kate Moss, who are often depicted in the press having wild nights out.

Moss herself has just had her hen do, apparently “knocking back the booze” at the Isle of Wight Festival last weekend and “getting trollied” with friends. even said the model hired her own private chef to cater to her and her friend’s every need, potentially spurring on other hens to follow in her (expensive) footsteps.