Brides losing up to four stone ahead of wedding day

Millions of brides-to-be are losing weight in preparation for their big day, reports.

A new report by XLS-Medical claims that over five million women in the UK lose weight before their wedding day, with one in ten even shedding as much as four stone ahead of their nuptials.

For those who have already booked their wedding reception venue and are looking to shed a few pounds ahead of the big day, health experts have warned that steady weight loss will achieve better long-term results than crash diets and extreme weight loss.

Drastic weight loss, they claim, could have negative health implications and should be foregone in favour of slower, stable weight loss and a change in lifestyle. Furthermore, in losing weight more steadily, brides can better ensure they don’t end up putting all the weight back on when they indulge on honeymoon.

A steadier weight loss could be achieved with food diaries, small but achievable goals and positive thinking, the experts advised.

Speaking to of the results, clinical director at the National Obesity Forum Dr Matt Capehorn explained: “Drastic and rapid weight loss for a particular event or occasion, such as a wedding, is not advisable for a number of reasons.

“You should be aiming for steady weight loss, as a result of sensible dietary and lifestyle change that promotes sustainable weight loss and health benefits. Any variation from this should only be on the advice of a clinician.”