Brides plan weddings before they've even met the groom

Brides-to-be are planning their weddings before they have even met the groom, according to Women are choosing everything from the dress to the invitations as a means of planning ahead.

Booking a wedding reception venue usually needs to be done in advance, but some women have already decided where they want to get married and are just waiting for the groom to walk into their lives.

Two friends from Glasgow have picked everything from the dresses to the invitations for their dream weddings but they don’t even have boyfriends. reported that several women had pre-planned their weddings before meeting the groom. They appear to see it as just a time-saving measure for the future because they already know exactly what they want.

Caroline Royce had spent six years planning for her wedding and said: “I think that planning before I get engaged is just practical. You can explore all these options before you ever have to, and by the time you get engaged, you already have a good idea about what you want.”

She began her wedding research before she even had a boyfriend and wanted to ensure all the details were perfect for the big day by planning in advance.