Brides spend six times longer than grooms organising their wedding

Brides-to-be spend an average of 36 days planning their wedding, with one fifth even taking the total beyond 60 days. 

According to new figures from jewellers, brides spend 36 full working days planning their wedding, with some of this taking place even before they’ve met the future Mr Right. Conversely, grooms rack up just six days of planning. It should come as no surprise, then, that only three per cent of weddings that take place in the UK have been predominantly organised by the groom.

Even the mother of the bride spends more time planning than the groom – an average of 18 days, notes. This might not have been particularly welcome, though, as 21 per cent of brides said they wished their mothers hadn’t played such a large role in their day.

Of those things planned before even meeting their future husband, dresses and engagement rings were among the most popular. Some 32 per cent of brides-to-be chose their dress as single women, whilst 24 per cent did the same for their engagement ring.

The venue was identified as one of the biggest considerations, with it taking up more time to decide upon than anything else. Close behind was the food, dress, guest list, honeymoon and ring.

Commenting on the results, CEO Vashi Dominguez told “What this survey shows is that a couple’s wedding day is still the biggest event of their lives.

“What else does a woman spend 36 days planning? That is why it’s so important to get it right.”