Brides wearing less make-up this bridal season

A wedding expert has claimed that brides are increasingly opting for minimal make-up on their wedding day.

Sophie McCorry Day, head of creative at London-based wedding planners Quintessentially Wedding, has dubbed the trend ‘Raw Beauty’. She claimed that more brides are going for this “fuss-free” look to enhance their natural beauty.

Talking about the trend further, Ms Day told this week: “They [brides] don’t want to walk up the aisle looking like a confected version of themselves, and often cite an aesthetic that is less about high glamour and more about romance.”

She added: “After all, most brides-to-be are going to be dressed to the nines in an extraordinary gown which needs a subtle base…”

Day also claims that many brides are now investing more in good skincare products, in order to get that natural wedding glow on their special day, without having to turn to make-up to achieve it.

The minimal make-up trend is only set to surge even further, thanks to the #NoMakeupSelfie campaign which has recently been hitting the headlines.

The viral campaign, which saw women take bare-faced photos of themselves to raise awareness for cancer, saw millions take part, including a number of celebrities, such as presenter Holly Willoughby and actress Michelle Keegan, according to