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Bridesmaids must be prepared to be organised, says guide

A guide on how to be an amazing bridesmaid has claimed those up for the role need to have good organisation skills.

The guide, published on, claims that brides need to be responsible for any problems which may occur. This can be anything from problems with the dress or shoes, to sorting out the decorations for the wedding reception venue.

It says: “You are the front line between the bride and the wedding. It is your job to just oversee any problems that may arise. Whilst getting ready is key – if something needs running to the church, if the mother-of-the-bride won’t stop crying… You need to keep an eye on these things.”

Journalist Kate Gilbert, the writer behind the article, also says that bridesmaids should be the first one to be ready for the event, so that they are able to tackle these last-minute issues which may occur.

Other tips for bridesmaid success offered by Gilbert include bridesmaids not moaning about the dress they are asked to wear – although this may not be a problem for bridesmaids that like a vintage style, as reports have suggested that some brides will tackle inspiration from the newly-released ‘Great Gatsby’ remake.

It features 1920s fashion staples like t-bar shoes, decorative hairpieces and flapper dresses, according to