Brides-to-be start planning their wedding as young as 13, study shows

Apparently it is never too early to start planning a wedding, with the average single girl planning their big day from the age of 13, a recent study claims.

The research, conducted by Interflora, also found that more than half of women plan their wedding day before finding their perfect partner.

The study also revealed that women are so caught up with their big day, one in ten of singletons start saving for the big day, with the average person saving £968.

According to, 60 per cent of respondents said that they have already picked out where they plan on getting married and even decided on the types of food, flowers and hymns they want to include.

A spokesperson for Interflora told that it has always been known that women love to plan their big day in advance, but this research reveals just how important wedding planning is to brides-to-be.

The spokesperson said: “Even those who haven’t yet got a partner have a clear idea of the type of wedding they would like… If you have attended the weddings of close friends and family it’s hard not to be inspired and start envisaging how you would like your own big day.”