Britain comes 13th for hospitality

Statistics have shown that Britain has been ranked as 13th-best in the world for its hospitality skills, prompting Big Hospitality to investigate the standards of service found across the UK.

Although the UK ranked as the fourth-most admired country throughout the world, the quality of service provided by hospitality staff throughout the nation hasn’t quite caught up.

It is thought that the hospitality, travel, tourism and leisure sector in Britain accounts for eight per cent of the GDP; providing thousands of jobs for people in corporate venues, travel agencies and all sorts of other industry firms.

This makes it all the more important that Brits understand how good service works.

According to training expert, Linda Roberts, high-quality service takes into consideration the feelings of customers, welcoming them with a smiley face and regular eye contact.

She also said Britain needs to buck up its ideas: “We could do a lot better compared to other countries and we need to do something about that to make all visitors, both domestic and international, feel welcome.”

“I’m not sure British service is all bad; it’s more of a general thing and not specific to Britain.”

However not everyone agreed with the opinion that Britain need to buck up its ideas, as Trip Advisor president, Christine Peterson, believed the UK was changing for the better.

She claimed that standards of service were “rising” (at least in the tourism sector) on Travel Daily News; providing hope and motivation for those working across the hospitality industry.