'Britain for Events' campaign backed by the Prime Minister

David Cameron has openly supported the ‘Britain for Events’ campaign, which was designed to help promote the United Kingdom’s events venues and organisers.

In a letter, the Prime Minister explained that the campaign has been a “big success” so far, “not least because of the [industry’s] valuable contribution.” He also reportedly “applauded the work carried out by the UK events industry and in promoting Britain,” according to Conference-news.co.uk.

He hasn’t been alone in his praise of the campaign, with the minister for tourism and heritage, John Penrose, also speaking out in its favour. Nick de Bois MP did so too, who is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Events. A spokesperson for Britain for Events, Michael Hirst, welcomed the PM’s comments in particular.

Speaking to eventmagazine.co.uk, he said: “Once again, we thank the Prime Minister for his endorsement of the campaign and the UK events industry in general.

“2012 has seen constant praise for the quality of our industry, yet more than ever we need the support of government at both a local and national level.”

Both set of comments were made a few days because the government briefing on community events, undertaken by the campaign, which is set to take place on September 5th. Many policymakers from within government will be in attendance, as well as some 20 members of parliament.