Britain looks to Japan to increase tourism

Representatives from VisitBritain embarked on a trade delegation Japan this week in an attempt to capitalise on its rapidly-recovering outbound travel business, reports.

A series of meeting, seminars and presentations have been scheduled to broadcast the appeal of Britain as a holiday destination. It is hoped this will boost revenue for hotels, event spaces and tourist attractions.

VisitBritain has recently launched a £25million advertising campaign in Tokyo in an attempt to take advantage of the Japanese travel market’s growth. Amongst the adverts include a ‘GREAT’ image branded across trains and billboards, with the graphic also broadcasted on digital screens at Tokyo Metro Underground.

British travel companies are looking to the Olympics to act as an engine for future business and, while they look to woo potential holidaymakers after the game have taken place, there are plenty of reasons behind pushing campaigns in the world’s seventh most valuable source market for international tourism.

With an annual outbound traffic of 16.63 million tourists and research conducted by VisitBritain revealing that 26 per cent of visitors had been to Britain on four or more occasions, the Japanese have an evident affection for Britain; dwarfing other countries in visitors coming back for further holidays.

In an interview with, Keith Beecham, VisitBritain’s overseas network director, said: Our commitment to the Japanese outbound sector is stronger than ever, highlighted by the fact that we are bringing a strong delegation of British tourism businesses to meet with Japanese trade in this special year for Britain.

“We have increased our marketing investment in Japan and millions of commuters here in Tokyo will have seen our GREAT images that we hope will inspire them to choose Britain for their next holiday.”