Britain staged 2,820 days or major music festivals in 2010

Britain will have staged 2,820 days of major music festivals by the end of 2010, according to recently published research.

As reported by Event Magazine, spaces like The Porter Tun, in London saw the most business with more major music festivals than any other area in the UK.

The study was conducted by acoustic insulation group Rockwood, and doesn’t include other types of festivals and events such as Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, free festivals or small jazz or country music gatherings, reports The Mirror.

That equates to 722 major music events in the country this year alone, and suggests that going to festivals like Glastonbury, V Festival or Creamfields are fast replacing trips to the beach as our favourite summer activity.

“It is staggering to see just how many festivals Britain now has,” commented Paula Bateman, director or Rockwood.

The number of music events held in London is expected to further increase as Ken Livingston pledged to protect live music venues and strengthen the capital’s cultural core if he is re-elected during the London mayoral elections.

As reported by Music Week, Livingstone said: “Cities with a big cultural core survive the rise and fall of other industries so it’s important for London that we have a vibrant and strong live music scene.”

He also proposed to incorporate the protection of live music venues into the Mayor’s planning strategy for the first time; working with venues for hire across the city and the international music industry to create a London-wide music festival; and the creation of a forum to ensure better lines of communication between local authorities, the GLA and the music industry.”