Britain’s music scene attracts foreign visitors

British music artists, past and present, are proving a huge draw for foreign tourists.

Research by national tourism body, VisitBritain, found that 31 million tourists came to the UK last year; attracted by the musical prowess of artists including Adele and Coldplay.

In addition, Fresh Business Thinking reports, ‘music tourists’ contributed an estimated £247 million to the economy through attending live music concerts at a variety of spaces around the country. This accounts for almost 20 per cent of the market share.

44 per cent of survey respondents felt that music was ‘integral’ to Britain’s culture and heritage, with a huge 64 per cent of South Africans making the link, according to The Sun.

Of the musical activities on offer, the majority of Argentinians said they would like to go on a Beatles tour in Liverpool, South Africans fancied Glastonbury; while Indians said they would like to attend the opera.

“Visitors have a wide array of ‘live’ music to sample during a trip to Britain, be it the Proms at Royal Albert Hall, one of our hundreds of outdoor music  festivals, our thriving club scene or even taking in the longest running musical in the world – Les Miserables,” said Sandie Dawe of VisitBritain.

“Music transcends all boundaries and you don’t need to be fluent in English to enjoy and be passionate about one of our hottest export industries.”