Brits get second chance at Olympics tickets

Brits who previously applied for tickets to the Olympic Games in 2012 and failed have been given a second chance at scoring some seats.

According to, thousands have logged onto the Olympics website in order to put in a second request for tickets to their favourite events.

However this caused the site to unceremoniously crash, leaving many unable to submit a request.

This may affect their chances, as the spare tickets are to be dished out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Those who are unsuccessful or find they cannot navigate the website may choose to instead find venues for hire and watch their favourite events in style.

The London 2012 website has now published an official statement regarding the websites failures this morning, which read: “Demand is extremely high at the moment on the ticketing website but the system is still transacting.

“If you’ve clicked submit, don’t hit refresh. Please wait and the system will process your order. If you receive the error ‘sorry, we cannot process your payment details’, your tickets will be saved in your basket.”

However this statement wasn’t enough to appease angered Britons, some of whom spoke to The Telegraph about the disaster. One such person was Dani Elisak, who said: “Absolutely ridiculous. I was all ready at 6am. I knew exactly what I wanted, logged in and went straight there.

“Then it all crashed on me. No athletics tickets, even though they were in my basket three times, two of which even took me to the checkout. I’m so angry and disappointed. I won’t be trying again.”