Brits shell out £7,500 over lifetime on other people’s weddings

A recent survey undertaken by Debenhams has revealed that on average, Britons spend £7,500 on attending other people’s weddings.

Cited by Mail Online, the results showed that the costs involved with buying a gift, a new outfit, getting to the wedding reception venue and finding accommodation for a night really mount up.

However stag and hen dos accounted for the largest chunk of cash; typically costing attendees some £150 a time. Debenhams’ spokesperson, Michelle Dowell, said: “There is no doubt that all over the UK, we love nothing more than seeing our nearest and dearest tie the knot, but the cost to do this can mount up without us realising.”

The £7,500 breaks down into approximately £510 per wedding Brits attend in their lifetimes; which is usually around 15. Geographically speaking, Dubliners spend most of this budget on clothes; whilst those based in Glasgow and London spend lots of their budget on alcohol, revealed.

Breaking down the £510 figure, Debenhams confirmed £65 goes on accommodation, £60 on travel, £75 on the present, £80 on drinks, £80 on the outfit and the remaining £150 on pre-wedding activities.

The news comes not long after CreditExpert confirmed 1.6 million let themselves go into debt in order to have their dream wedding, which a spokesperson for the company – Jim Hodgkins – wasn’t surprised at. He stated: “The cost of getting married and attending other people’s weddings is often underestimated, but it’s a significant outlay.”