Buffets better than traditional meal for weddings, says expert

A wedding expert has given a number of reasons why buffets are the top choice for receptions.      

Kellee Khalil, founder of wedding organising site Lover.ly, was writing for huffingtonpost.com. She claimed that there are many benefits to couples having a wedding buffet, rather than a sit-down meal. One of these advantages was that buffets are a lot faster.     

Ms Khalil wrote: “By making all of the courses of your wedding menu available via a buffet, as opposed to serving each course one-by-one, you optimize all of your time.”

She continued: “You and your guests are able to enjoy the meal while continuing to mix and mingle. Bonus: everyone will have more time to hit the dance floor.”

Another gain couples can have from having a buffet is cost, as they are usually a lot cheaper than a formal dinner. This is due to the fact that people will probably eat less, there will be less wastage and a full staff of waiters won’t be needed.

Whatever food option that bride-and-grooms go for though, they need to make sure that they pick their caterer wisely, according to newswire.net.

Rebecca Mead, author of ‘One Perfect Day: the Selling of the American Wedding’, told the site that couples should look out for caterers who have a lot of experience if they want to avoid disastrous wedding food.