Business and pleasure do mix, research suggests

Travellers from emerging economies are the most likely market to combine their holidays with their international business commitments, new research finds.

According to the ‘From Chaos to Collaboration’ report by technology firm Amadeus, seven out of ten business travellers from developing economies such as Brazil, Russia, India or China (BRIC) will holiday and work at the same time.

The research suggests that it’s just as likely a business person could be attending a conference venue in London one day, before shopping in Oxford Street the next, for example.

In contrast, just 42 per cent of business travellers from developed countries such as the UK would combine work and pleasure in the same way, reports Air and Business Travel News.

The rise of the “business tourist” is just one of six predictions Amadeus made about how people are likely to travel in future. Technology is tipped as one of the biggest game changers in the industry and features in the majority of its other trend predictions.

Citing work/pleasure aspect of the report, the Huffington Post quotes: “A continued emphasis on work-life balance and well-being at work may see the rise of the ‘business tourist’ – those people who choose to take a few days holiday either side of a business trip to explore and experience a city, rather than seeing just the airport and conference centre.”