Business meetings a time to "open up the floor"

Business meetings should be about giving as well as taking, claims an expert writing for

Business insider Paige Rexrode suggests equality is one of the three key points businesses should be thinking about when booking the next business meeting, as the “ever-evolving world of business” demands an adaptation of meeting practices.

“A business meeting is not just a place to pitch your product, but also to open up the floor to discussions and facilitate the flow of ideas to both receive as well as provide questions and solutions,” writes Rexrode. “Avoid blasts of generic communication. Instead, engage clients in a communal dialogue.”

Furthermore, the notion of social media and technology taking over the humble business meeting in a conference space is flawed as “impersonal responses [don’t] stand for much”. Nevertheless, while social media is an integral part of business, neither is going to kill each other – they are both simply “jostling for face time”.

Business meetings require the right levels of ingenuity mixed with good-old fashioned business tactics, Rexrode added. For example, when holding a meeting in order to pitch to another client, use the pitching firm’s identity to appeal to the client in order to make a statement regarding who the pitching firm is and what they will be achieving with the meetings.

Rexrode’s comments coincide with a document from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) which states that integrating personal style and character is the greatest presentation aid for a firm.