Business meetings need to address "elephant in the room"

Businesses need to make sure they aren’t shying away from an obvious “elephant in the room” when holding a business meeting.

That’s the opinion of business insider George Roberts, writing for He suggested that – for example – even if firms have a great quarter and profits are up, ignoring a obvious negative will only end up harming a business.

As a result, firms may want to use corporate venues to highlight any potential “elephants” within a business.

“Everyone who is involved at the board level needs to make it their responsibility to talk about the elephant, or, more likely, the elephants in the room (because when you have a company that is growing rapidly and trying to scale there is often more than one) during the board meeting,” he writes.

Such “elephants” can include poor development schedules, a poor management team, irrelevant marketing, inept business vision and a whole host or other errors that need to be discussed.

Roberts added, cited by “You owe it to yourself and everyone in your company to discuss problems and issues no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

“Otherwise, you risk never living up to your potential, or, worse yet, you might just become another company that does not succeed in the market place.”