Business travel activity on the rise

Corporate venues could start to see their order books fill up, as an influential travel report suggests business travel activity is set to increase over the coming months.

Figures from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) claim that business activity has “turned up” in the last two months, and that it looks set to continue.

Air and Business Travel News reveals that the prediction comes hot-off-the-heels of a positive 3.7 per cent global increase in business travel during December 2011, when compared to 2010.

Considering that growth in business travel remained relatively flat for the majority of last year, the predictions may be welcomed by accommodation providers and hospitality bookers internationally.

Business, or “premium” traffic growth in Europe specifically rose by 5.1 per cent in the 12 months to December 2011. Meanwhile traffic within North America and within the Southwest Pacific dropped dramatically; North America saw a 6.5 per cent decrease, compared to the Southwest Pacific’s drop of 17.4 per cent.

On, IATA remarked: “We would expect some increase in business travel, lending some support to premium travel in the months ahead. However, growth risks from the Eurozone banking crisis remain.”

The group explained that the future prosperity of business travel looks set to be tied by trading conditions in the Eurozone. Therefore if there are improvements within Eurozone economies, then it’s likely that the purse strings of corporations will loosen to facilitate more company travel.