Business travel helps boost Eurostar growth

A significant increase in the amount of business travellers using Eurostar has helped to boost the service’s passenger figures.

Business travellers use the service to travel to and from London for corporate events and meetings as the British economy continues to improve and the European economy is showing early signs of stability.

According to, business travel actually rose 6.2 per cent in 2013, helping the service to carry more than ten million passengers in twelve months, the first time in the service’s history since it was created in 1994.

This growth in business travel helped the European train operator to see profits rise seven per cent to £857 million last year, operating profits were also up by four per cent to £54 million.

The cross-channel service which has carried more than 140 million passengers since it was opened saw overall travel grow two per cent in 2013.

Nicolas Petrovic, chief executive at Eurostar, told that after the economic down turn there was a dip in confidence from businesses across Europe. That confidence is finally beginning to return and companies are looking to travel more.

Mr Petrovic said: “In comparison with this time last year, when the overriding sentiment was still very cautious, there are more encouraging trends, and in some sectors, there is clearly a greater appetite to invest and look for business.”