Business travellers increasingly flying in economy class

Business travellers are increasingly being made to fly economy class so they can still travel even at times of financial belt-tightening, reports.

New research by Capita Travel and Events found that long-haul economy class flight booking have risen by nine per cent year-on-year. Interestingly, this corresponded with a nine per cent drop in business class bookings, which led analysts to claim it was a simple switch over, with businesses favouring the cheaper – if not quite so comfortable – option.

This trend is thought to have emerged from businesses being a little more strict with their finances as a result of the still ongoing financial instability. Rather than simply doing away with international meetings or cancelling bookings for faraway event spaces, however, firms appear to still send their workers out, albeit in economy class.

Now, in order to placate those workers having to fly economy class, Capita anticipated that business owners may soon opt to book their workers into business lounges at the airport, to at least offer them a short time spent at their laptop or tablet device. This option, it was claimed, could make significantly better business sense.

Explaining further, Capita’s air product manager Corrie Long, told “Switching a seven hour flight from London Heathrow to Dubai from business class to economy could save a business as much as £1,400.

“We can often limit the perceived, or real impact, of a policy change on the traveller’s experience or work productivity by adding lounge access for as little as £17.49. This small extra has a minimal effect on the overall saving, but facilitates relaxation and a more beneficial working environment for the individual.”