Business travellers welcome HS2

Business travellers who regularly use Britain’s rail network are largely in support of the HS2 proposals, reports.

A new survey undertaken by the Guild of Travel Management (GTMC) found that 56 per cent of its members backed HS2, compared to just 25 per cent of those who were against it.

The study involved quizzing 1,000 GTMC members who travelled by rail for business trips a minimum of six times a year in journeys of 50 miles or greater.

Over half said they fully supported HS2, with some even suggested it should go further still and link directly to the continent. Not only that, many respondents (74 per cent) claimed that it was “important” or “very important” for Heathrow to also be factored into proposals so that air travellers can be provided with better, faster rail links.

Commenting on the response, chief executive of GTMC, Paul Wait, told “The GTMC will be using this and other supporting data to lobby government for ‘open access’ to be more widely adopted across the network, as franchises expire during the next parliament.

“Essentially we will be arguing to bring true competition to the network in order to get a better deal for business travellers on price, capacity and innovation.”